How to make homemade meat sauce and pasta

Sauce Butter Pasta Beef Pepper Salt Garlic salt

Open the package

Here it is

Carefully put on the pan with the heat on medium

Spread meat out on the pan.

Take the pepper and garlic salt

Add pepper

Add garlic salt

Stir gently

Leave it there for 3 min. Eventually it'll start to look like this

Take a pan and fill it to three fourths of the pan with water. Heat on high. I put some veggie oil to keep the pasta from sticking.

Here is the pasta

Carefully pour this in

Here is what it looks like

Add some garlic salt for flavor

Check your beef. It should almost be done.

Here is a taste test


Turn the heat all the way down to Low. This will leave it at a simmer

Take your spoon and pull out some pasta. My technique is to take a look at it closely. If it looks see through on the tips, it's getting there. Not all of the pasta will be clear.

Take your beef and drain it out on your strainer to drain out the grease from the meat.

Put back on pan

Take sauce

Pour in

Turn to medium again

Check pasta again

Looks almost done.

Stir gently then wait a few minutes

My chair

A strawberry


Taste test


Taste test for the pasta


Drain the pasta. Get help from adult if needed

Put back in pot

Take butter

Stir in with the pasta


Watch the video: Homemade Meat Sauce Recipe - Freezer Meals- I Heart Recipes

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