How to make adorable plush snowmen

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I'm going to teach you how to make these last minute xmas decorations! These are my original design so if you are going to make a guide like this included me in the comments! ⛄️

Start by taking a white sock and cutting off the top, fill it with rice

Then cut off any excess sock off

Now take an old tshirt or string and tie it shut

Now with your other sock cut the tip off to make a hat for your little snowman

And put it on

Now take string or a rubber band and tie it around so you can make the head

Now add buttons and I just made the eyes with marker, if your gonna make a scarf just cut a strip of your tshirt and put it on his neck! Thanks hope you had fun crafting @D crafts

Now give your little fella for a gift for Christmas 🎄

Watch the video: How to Draw a Snowman Easy. Squishmallows


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