How to create a house on minecraft

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First spawn into your world. There will be a chest with items in it that will help build your house.

In the chest are some great tools. Those won't always be the case though. To help us get some wood take the axes.

When ready take the axes and start chopping/ breaking any type of tree block. It depends on what kind of wooden log/plank you want your house to have.

Take as much wood as you think you'll need. The more you have the better off you'll be. Remember to replant tree with the saplings it drops. You don't want a polluted world.

After you know you have enough you'll have to turn a few logs into wooden planks. Unless you want a completely covered log cabin.

An addition to every house needs a crafting table. Take 4 wooden planks and make one. This will give you the ability to build tools.

Set it down for now and create a shovel by making sticks with 2 wooden planks and 1 wooden plank.

Use the shovel to dig out a secure area. Start with a small square at first. Build on when finished with a good start.

The square is not to big to start. Fill in with wooden planks or logs.

The wooden planks are set down so now build the walls and roof.

To finish it off there has to be a way in and out so build a door with 6 wooden planks.

Add a couple of torches so no monsters spawn in the house.

The house is finished. Add on if needed to make the house fit you.

The little house could soon look like this!

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