How to a box with minichristmas toys

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Paint the sketch of the future toys.

Place them on thick carton and cut them out

Cut out two exactly the same pictures from paper

Stick them on the carton from both sides

Paint the edges with distress ink

Cut the pictures and the snowflakes

Decorate the New Year Tree

On the edge cover it with glitter

The second toy.Paint it with acryl painting

Draw the red lines

Make painting with stamps

Paint the edges with ink

Decorate it with ready branches and bells, and put the rope through them

Now make a box for toys. Cut the tamplate of the box from the cover of paper Graphic 45

Stick the box from all sides

Sew the ribbon of sackloth to it

Stick to it another ribbon

Stick also the red cord

Into the cord we put a tiny bell

Stick the card to the box

Decorate it with the ready cut pictures

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