How to build a fire

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-Gather your supplies together, making sure your kindling and wood is dry

After making sure the area you are building your fire is clear of extremely flammable brush or is a contained environment, set up your kindling and twigs into a small pyramid

Once your small stack is built, use your chosen ignitor to try and spark the materials.

Once your kindling and twigs are ignited, slowly begin to add more material to the fire to grow the flame.

After slowly building the flame, add larger pieces of wood and logs to create a larger, sustainable campfire.

Your fire is built! Make sure to continue to add wood for as long as you would like your fire to burn, but insuring that the flames do not get out of control. Keep an eye on the fire at all times.

Remember to make sure your fire is properly put out, completely, before leaving or going to sleep. It is your responsibility to prevent fire mistakes and injuries.

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