How to make a bottle cap milagros charm bracelet

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Gather or buy bottle caps and other supplies.Remove the plastic from the bottle caps back using a sharp item to pull it out. The caps will not rust if you do not rough up the paint on the caps.

Fill half of a jar with half bleach and distilled vinegar. Place the roughed up bottle caps in the solution and allow them to rust for about 4 hours. Remove the bottle caps. They look like this.

Begin to paint and embellish the Crosses or the Santos. Glue them to the bottle caps and after they are dry spray with artist clear coat to seal and keep rust from coming off on cloths.

It is time to wear your Bottle Cap Milagros bracelet! How cool is this, want to read the inspiration behind our guest Kent Mullens go to the muse at

Some fabulous contrast and finish!

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