How to make an inspirational card using graphic 45

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Cut cardstock to 8"x6", score and fold at 4".

Cut a blue pattern paper from the 6x6 pad to 3 7/8"x 5 7/8".

Later an orange patterned sheet from the 6x6 pad that cut at 3 5/8"x 5 5/8"

Using a tag from the Tags and Pockets, glue it upside down towards the top center of the card.

Using a chipboard frame from the Decorative Chipboard, glue it as pictured slightly to the right to peek out a bit from under the balloons and flowers that will be added.

Cut out a large blue balloon a medium orange balloon and a small blue balloon from Balloon Bouquet 13x13 sheet. Use foam adhesive to adhere large balloon as pictured.

Glue medium orange balloon down as pictured using foam adhesive.

Cut out inspirational quote box from World's Fair 12x12 sheet and place as pictured, placing 2 flowers under opposite corners. Make sure Tag still peeks out from under bottom flower. Glue in place.

Place a large orange flower to the left of quote box.

Adhere small blue balloon onto the large orange flower. Add a small flower behind flower and balloon as pictured.

At the bottom left corner of card, add a chipboard banner from the Decorative Chipboard. (Optional: add a Graphic 45 Ornate Brad to the chipboard piece before adhering.)

For the card interior, cut an orange pattern sheet from the 6x6 to 3 7/8"x 5 7/8".

Layer a 3 5/8"x 5 5/8" blue patterned sheet from the 6x6 pad.

Layer a white cardstock piece cut at 3"x 5". Layer 'Create' tag from Tags & Pockets. Cut a balloon from Balloon Bouquet 12x12 sheet. Or as I later switched, cut flower cluster from Balloon Bouquet.

Glue interior layers to card base and you're done!

You can see the flower cluster I switched the balloon out for in the inside of the card :)

Watch the video: Flip Front Card Tutorial


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