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I begin by choosing my paper. Thoughts Keepers #3 of 7Dots Studio

I choose cards of projects Life That go with my photo.

I organize and I bind with staples.

I glue my organization to my background paper.

I cut out a piece of chipboard to put behind the my photo so it is 3D.

I add magnificient Dusty Attic Flourish #8 chipboard in kit.

I begin has to see texture as I like.

I add Flowers. Prima Royal Menagie and PetalooCalla Lilies and Berries Lav/purples.

I add wood Veneer Royal Menagerie of prima.

Love texture and embelishments.

More and more texture with Archival Ink and Stamps of Prima.

Other Stamp.

I add my magical texture Gesso with Water 50/50

Some pearl in the kit by Darice.

Add sequins in Royal menagerie chipboard.

Love the resulting layers. Spatter of gesso are a part of me. I adore them.

For others Splash I add irRESISTible Tuxedo Black I love the epoxy result.

Do you see Splash. Wow It's simple and the Layout is done.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Check out, when you join Mention my name (Cindy) and you’ll receive 10% off your first kit, AND a 30% off coupon your purchase in the Swirlydoos store!

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