How to make 'semesmieh' sesame brittles🇱🇧

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Sesame 1 cup - 130g -

In a saucepan, put Sugar 3/4 cup - 150 g + a pinch of salt +.90 g glucose +2 tbsp water + 2 tbsp butter + cardemom or vanilla extract. Once it boils

In the meantime grill the sesame seeds for 3-4 mins and add over the sugar. Stir and leave to become dark Amber color.. Hard crack stage 155 C (320F). Cook on low. It will take 20 mins more or less

Spread on a heated silpat. When cold break into asymmetrical pieces. Or cut with a knife when it is still hot but touchable

If you want squares...Cover with wax paper and spread with a rolling pin. Make indents in the shape desired. When it is cold.. The shapes will snap where it was marked.

Watch the video: Easy Homemade sesame seed Candy. Ellu Mittai Recipe. How to make crispy sesame bars


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