How to make candy melts

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Supplies:200g White Chocolate,2 teaspoons Coconut Oil &Any additional colourings or flavourings you want to use

Roughly chop your chocolate, the smaller the pieces; the faster it will melt, but it doesn't really matter.

Place the bowl over a saucepan of gently simmering water, making sure the bowl does not actually touch the water. If the water is too hot the chocolate will burn.

Optional: Add the coconut oil, this gives the chocolate a smoother, silkier consistency and a faint but delicious nutty flavour.

Combine until everything is melted together, being careful not to burn the chocolate.

Take the bowl off the heat, and colour & flavour however you want. I added gel colour in a pink to produce a pastel result.

Please note: don't use liquid food colouring, the result will be the chocolate seizing up, which is NOT good!

Transfer into a sandwich bag or piping bag, and cut a small hole in the top. Rolling the bag over a glass to pour the chocolate in really helps!

Now pipe the candy melts however you want - the mixture is fairly runny however, so expect some spreading.

Leave to harden in the fridge for 1 hour, then store in an airtight container, ready to melt down anytime.

I hope you enjoy the recipe! Drop any questions in the comments section and I know I can't wait to experiment with these!

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