How to paint santa claus

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You will need black, white, peach, red, and chartreuse acrylic paint. You will also need a 1/2 inch flat brush, and a small round tip brush.

First lets draw Santa. I am using pencil, but I recommend colored chalk as it is easier to erase. Near the top draw two curved lines about 2" apart. This is the Brim of the cap.

Next draw a small curve in the center to represent the nose and two larger curves on each side for cheeks.

Add the top of the mustache. Begin in the center directly under the nose and work you way out. End with a spiraly curl.

Now add the bottom of the mustache. Swoop. Swoop.

The tail of the cap. I drew the circle where I wanted the puff ball and then connected two curved lines from the side of the canvas.

Add the top of the cap which hangs off the top of the canvas, and now I think we are ready to paint!

Normally you wouldn't want to start with red b/c it can really make a mess of other colors, but our white cap will need to overlap it a bit with texture later. So we paint red now and let it dry.

Peachy face.

While the peach face it still wet, add a tiny bit of red to your brush (don't rinse) and paint on for pink cheeks, nose, and right under the cap. Still using the larger brush all the while.

Chartreuse, AKA lime greenish, for the small amount of background in the upper corners. You don't have to get too close to the red cap as we will outline later.

We need some light grey, so take a glop of white, and a tiny bit of black and mix 'em up on your pallet.

Light grey.

Add shading on the sides and bottom of cap brim, mustache, puff ball, and beard. Brush strokes are acceptable.

Now with the same large brush. Leave the grey paint in it and start painting while spirals over the grey portion of the beard. Keep adding swirls working inward.

The grey paint adds texture and dimension to the curly beard.

Use white paint and dab it on the cap and puff ball for a fluffy texture. Overlap the edges a bit. The red paint should be dry by now. If not, employee a blow drier.

Add white to the mustache.

While you still have white on your brush, add a highlight to the nose and cheeks.

Add white accent marks to the cap.

At this point add a little red mouth with the smaller brush.

Time to outline. Rinse the red out and get some black paint. Draw the curve for the nose.

I skipped ahead a bit. add two dots for eyes and outline the mustache.

Outline the fuzzy brim and puff ball with an active ziggy zag line.

Out line the cap and don't forget the mouth. He's so handsome!

Use the chalk to white words on the beard if you so desire. Your can write you family name or a Holiday message.

Paint over your chalk writing. If chalk is still visible, wipe it away when all the paint is fully dry. Ta Da! Merry Christmas! and if your feeling extra festive, add Glitter!!!

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