How to make a pixel diamond sword

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First you want to take 7 Cyan Wool Blocks and make a square with a hole in the middle and on the top right.

Next you just need to put one Diamond Block in the middle, but still leave the top right open.

Next you want to take 4 Dark Wood Planks and 3 Oak Wood Blocks, and make this.

Then you want to take 5 Cyan Wool Blocks and 2 Black Wool Blocks and make a bow and arrow shape.

Next take 2 more Cyan Wool Blocks and add them on the sides. Also get 8 more Black Wool Blocks and add them on to the same places as in the picture.

Next you want to take more Black Wool and fill in the rest of the spaces.

Then we want tot start the main part of the sword. You want to take you Diamond Blocks and make a square first then continue putting three blocks on the sides as you see in the picture.

Continue that until it goes up to ten blocks. You can reassure that if you just count all your middle blocks.

Next take you Black Wool Blocks and just fill in the outside with the wool.

There ya go! Hope you enjoyed, and have fun with this! :)

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