How to paint 3d chipboard christmas card by marta de

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Prepair chipboard elements and paints.

Start painting background. Use Reef for sky and paint just without thinking. It's only first layer.

Paint the trees with Lagoon. I think this color and Velvet effect is just perfect for creating x-mass trees.

Create the landscape. Paint grass with Evergreen.

Mix a little bit of Buttercream Sorbet and Persimmone Velvet.

And create a face. Ok, I know that looks not like a face, but I don't mind ;)

Add some fur to our reindeers with AA Velvet - Kona.

Paint Santa's sleigh and stem with AA Metal Effects - Bronze.

Give Santa Clause outfit with AA Velvet-Desire...

And some details for reindeers ;)

Add some Vegas Gold.

Create some white fluffy details with AA Stone Effects - Bone.

Sprinkle trees with snow :)

Create more texture on grass with Evergreen and palette knife.

Add more texture on the sky. Using AA Honolulu blue and Hurricane AA Stencil.

Create a lot of snow with Stucco.

Put all pieces together.

And it's done. :)

Thank you for your attention. More details you can see on Art Anthology blog, Marta De.

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