How to makechocolate cake

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Seperate the eggs and beat the whites until firm

Add 1cup sugar and vanilla

In a separate bowl mix yolks with sugar until pale

Add melted butter and sour cream

Mix dry ingredients( coca, flour, soda) and carefully fold in egg whites

The batter should become doubled and airy

Divide in half and bake at 350 degree preheated oven for 25-30 minute

Let them cool for one hour

Meanwhile mix room temp butter until pale

Gradually add in condensed milk and continue beating

Add melted chocolate and good quality alcohol

This is how the cream should be like

Time to assemble the cake, frost the layers with cream and put on each other

Decorate as u wish. Today is my parent's 24th wedding anniversaryso I have written their names on the cake. I thing this will be a good surprise for them. Thank you for watching

Tastes amazing

Watch the video: Best Chocolate Birthday Cake Recipe. Easy Birthday Cake Recipe. Baking Week Recipe #1


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