How to make my "grateful" layout

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First of all I cut out a picture of myself. I made it pretty big. About 17 cm tall.

Then I cut out this old camera from Graphic45`s great Communique collection.

These old slide frames are so cool to use for the pictures. I made my pictures(for the frames) in size 2,5" x 2,5" (or 5x5cm)

On Graphic45`s Communique Tags I found this cute little film strip. I made 4 pictures on one 2,5" x 2,5" picture. So I got these small, sweet photos.

Take a look how cute it was with pictures in the little film strip :)

I used this pattern paper from Graphic45 as my background. And added gesso to the page. I covered the middle of the page, leaving around 2,5" on all sides clear of gesso.

When the gesso was dry, I found a stencil, and used Faber Castell`s Whipped Spackle over it.

This is how the pattern turned out. Here you can also see how big the layer of gesso was.

I used Gelatos from Faber Castell to color the pattern.

When I have added the gelatos, I use water on my fingers and drag the paint over the pattern.

Here you can see what it looks like when I am finish coloring. I used red, green and gold gelatos. When it was dry, I added some stamp motifs.

I found some cards from Graphic45 and a tag that I will use to "build" the background.

Here you can see how I have made some layers by using cards, tags and some pattern paper. I also made som gesso splats over the painted background.

I placed the small pictures in my hand, in front of my foot and next to me.

And this is the finished layout. Hope you liked it. Thanks for looking ... :)

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