How to sculpt a sand dollar

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1. Take the clay square from your mat and begin to squeeze them to soften the clay.

2. Form the clay into a sphere/ball.

3. Next place the ball on your mats and press it down into a thin flat circle.

4. Sand Dollars have tiny lines in them. When you press the clay out in to the circle hold the inside of your hand down on the clay so it will pick up the patterns of lines from your hand.

5. On your mat there is a skewer stick. On the skewer you will notice a point on 1 end and that the other end is flat.

6. With the flat round end of the skewer create five oblong wholes/circles spaced evenly just inside of the sand dollars outer edge.

7. Simply push the stick straight down and pull back slightly. Repeat this step 4 more times spaced evenly around the inside edge of the circle.

8. Second turn the skewer stick to the pointed end. Use this end to draw 5 flower petal flower patterns toward the inner part of the circle. Drawing two arched, half circles. Repeat 5 times.

10. After baked paint your sand dollar in the gray, green, brown, blue or purple color it has when it is alive in the ocean or when it white which its’ color when it dies.

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