How to make no-bake pumpkin decorated cake pops

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Buy the necessary ingredients/supplies.

Use a spoon or a grinding utensil to mash the Oreos into small crumbs.

Add the entire package of cream cheese to the bowl and mix until doughy.

Roll the Oreo and cream cheese mixture into small balls and place on a tray.

Smash the balls a little bit to give them more of a pumpkin shape.

Place the tray in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes.

Place the bag of candy melts in a bowl and heat in microwave for about 3 minutes, stopping to stir about every 30 seconds.

Remove the tray from the refrigerator.

Grab a lollipop stick and dip the tip of it into the candy melts.

Insert the lollipop stick halfway into the Oreo ball.

Place tray back in the refrigerator to harden.

After removing the tray from the refrigerator, dip one of the pops into the bowl of candy melts.

Place in the stand and add a chocolate chip to the top.

Mix the icing with green food coloring until it reaches a green that you like.

Cut a very small piece of the corner of the Ziploc bag, then place the icing inside.

Begin to decorate the sides of your pumpkin with green icing as swirly vines.

Enjoy your festive, no-bake, decorated pumpkins!


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