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Draw a large C on the left side of your paper.

Draw a backward C on the right.

Draw a curved line inside your pumpkin.

Add another curved line.

Draw a curved line curving in the other direction.

Repeat step 5.

If you have room, add another curved line.

Add a short curved line at the top of your pumpkin.

Draw an oval attached to the short curved line.

Add a curved line below the oval, creating a stem.

Erase the overlap in your stem.

Add a curly vine by your stem.

Use red to color on the first line inside your pumpkin.

Blend the red to the left using your tissue. Leave a little black.

Add orange on top of the red on the first line.

Blend into the red using your tissue.

Add yellow on top of the orange in the first line.

Blend into the orange.

Color red on all lines. Color thick lines.

Use your tissue to blend into each section of your pumpkin. Leave a little black in each section.

Add thick lines of orange on each line on top of the red.

Blend into red.

Add yellow to each line on top of orange.


Draw lines or brown in the stem.

Add yellow lines on top of brown.

Fill top of oval with brown.


Add yellow to top of oval.

Trace vine with green.

Add brown to spaces between loops.

Add white to right side of loops.

Congratulations! You created a realistic pumpkin with chalk!

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