How to create a photo portfolio for full sized photos

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Let's start with the cover or the portfolio! You'll need 2 pieces of medium weight chipboard for the front and back cover: (1) 8 1/4" x 11" and (1) 8" x 11".

You'll also need 2 strips of chipboard for your portfolio flaps: (1) 2" x 11" and (1) 3" x 11". Use your Corner Chomper to round the edges as shown.

Cut out 3 strips of card stock in a color of your choice. I'm using Kraft card stock from Hobby Lobby, it goes well with World's Fair. We'll use these strips for the hinges: (3) 1 3/4" x 11".

On each of the 3 strips (hinges), score at 1/2" and 1 1/4" as shown.

Your 3 hinges will look like this. We'll be adding ScorTape to the left and right of the 2 score lines on each hinge.

Take your 8 1/4" x 11" piece of chipboard, adhere one of the hinges as shown here.

Here is what we have so far...

Now we want to add the larger flap (3" x 11") to the hinge as shown here...

Now we have something that looks like this... This is the primary flap on the cover of your photo portfolio.

Take the 8"x11" chipboard and another hinge and connect to the 8 1/4"x11" chipboard as shown.

Add the 2"x11" chipboard to the opposite side of the 8"x11" chipboard using the last hinge.

The base of the cover is done! Let's add some design paper...

I edged the design paper with Ranger Distress Ink in Walnut Stain and ran the pieces through my Creatopia (adds adhesive to one side like a sticker, love it!!)

Add design paper to the INSIDE of your portfolio (don't do the outside just yet!)

Press the washi tape down firmly or use a bone folder to secure.

You may need to use 2-3 layers. I used 3 layers of washi tape over each hinge.

Ink the edges of your design paper. I used the "new to me" Art-C Groove tool and Distress Ink to ink up the edges.

Here's inside the photo portfolio once I have all the design paper layered down. TIP: If you are using magnets to hold your portfolio shut, don't forget to adhere them down under the design paper!

Add design paper to the outside of the cover...

Now it's time to build the photo flaps inside the portfolio. Be sure to check the Supply List for measurements!

For the top fold flip pages, you will need 2 of each size. (2) 6x7, (2) 4 1/2x7, (2) 5x7 and (2) 5 3/4x7.

Score down at 1/2" and add ScorTape as shown. You can use a corner punch to decorate the edges and Distress Ink to finish things off. You will do this for each piece of card stock.

Peel off the backing of the ScorTape and adhere down the smallest flap first (4 1/2x7). Position it as shown in the photo.

Folded down, this is what it looks like...

Adhere the next largest flap (5x7) as shown. Line up the top fold with the adhered portion of previous flap. Do this until all flaps are adhered down.

We're done with the top and bottom flaps on the left side of the photo portfolio! Now let's work on the side photo flaps...

You will need 4 of each side (2 each for top side flap, 2 each for bottom side flap): (4) 5x7, (4) 5x6 3/4, (4) 5x6. Score at 1/2" on the 6" side and add ScorTape as shown in photo.

Adhere the largest flaps (5x7) down first as shown.

Open up both flaps so we can adhere down the next size of flaps...

Next up are the 5x 6 3/4 flaps, scored at 1/2" (ScoreTape added). Line up the folds of each flap to the edge of the previous flap. See photo.

Open up all the flaps...

Add the last layer of flaps (5x6, scored at 1/2").

Close the flaps by alternating -- left, right, left right, etc. This is how it should look closed. Now let's add the bottom flaps and wrap things up for the base of this photo portfolio...

All done! Now mat the card stock flaps with design paper and embellish! :-)

Here are a few photos of the final Photo Portfolio. Please visit my blog for more photos at:

Close up...

Graphic 45 metal staples to finish things off...

Love the hot air balloons in the World's Fair collection!

A peek at the photo portfolio opened up...


For a walk-through of this photo portfolio, visit my YouTube channel at Thanks for joining me today! ♥

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