How to set up the synek beer dispenser

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Remove items from box and place on a dry countertop. See the supply list of included parts.

Attach the pour spout. If you open the door you can also tighten the spout from the back to keep it from tilting to one side.

Attach the handle. It should move freely back and forth. The small handle on the side is a float valve to control the flow of beer. It's a good idea to keep it closed when not pouring.

Remove nut from regulator.

Place nut from regulator on regulator hose.

Attach hose to regulator.

Slide nut down the hose and screw into regulator.

Turn regulator counter clockwise until it is in the off position.

Before you can use it, the CO2 canister needs to be filled. Screw the canister into the regulator. Turn the valve to set the regulator so that the needle is in the middle.

Place canister in side compartment. Make sure that the hose is not pinched. You can also pull and push the hose through the wall to create or remove slack. Lock canister in place.

The beer cap has connectors for the CO2 and beer lines. Practice connecting and disconnecting them before you add a full bag. Bag should be inserted with cap facing up and to the right.

View of connected hoses. Press metal clips to disconnect them.

Plug in power cord. Let the unit refrigerate so that it is cold prior to inserting the beer bag.

The digital display shows the current temperature. Press the up/down button to adjust temperature. Set the temperature to 34F (1C). The lower the temperature the less foam.

SYNEK CAP: Insert tube and screw on cap. Have brewer fill to 128 ounces. Connect bag to the Synek and allow to get to temperature. Then drink cold beer.

Some places can't fill the bags with the adaptor. The bags can be filled like a growler. Insert the hose deep into the bag & fill to fill line (90 oz). Attach the Synek cap & place in dispenser.

Place the drip mat under the Synek. Ensure that the mat is under the condensation hole visible on the front center-bottom of the holding compartment. If not, the condensation may leak out underneath.

Clean the lines by filling an empty bag with hot water. Run through the machine as if you were using beer. You may be able to use sanitizer from a home brew store.

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