How to create a my story layout

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1. Grab the Heart Strings and Heirloom Roses Sheets, and your images.

2. With a ruler and knife or paper cutter, follow the lines on the Heirloom Roses Sheet and cut the paper so you have 7 black arrows.

3. Place the arrows on the right side of the layout, with the ‘today’ and ‘date card’ from Mixed Bag. 4. A good idea is to lay the page out before proceeding so you can alter if needed.

5. Give the arrows a few sprtiz of your black Color Bloom spray paint, and let dry.

6. Once it is dry, place on the layout sheet. With double sided tape, secure it. You will have parts of the arrows hanging off the layout, so cut off the excess with the ruler and knife.

7. Grab your grey Ink and the Coffee Stain stamps. Place a few of the stamps around the page.

8. Use alphabet stamps and black ink to add a title on the date card. 9. Ink the edges of the card. 10. With your marker, add the date on the upper red area of the card.

11. Secure the larger image to the page with the red decorative tape. I liked the look of irregular and slightly sloppy tape placement.

12. With double sided tape, secure the date card down. 13. Place the small image down and secure that with the red decorative tape.

14. Find this arrow die cut journaling card and punch 5 arrows from it. Dab them in red ink and let dry.

15. Using double sided tape, secure the today die cut and place the red arrows to the right side of it.

16. Find the rub-ons. It's easiest to cut out which designs you want, from the plastic sheet. This way you won’t accidentally rub any other designs as well. I chose the Note and Love This rub-ons.

17. They come with a wood stick, and apply very easily to the paper. Rub them to the bottom right of the large image.

18. Add a red enamel shape sticker to your message.

19. You now have a finished layout! Find all your supplies at Tutorial by FotoBella Design Team Member Jeri

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