How to make a fantasy football league trophy

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Foam football and mega horn from the Dollar Store.

Dowel (optional), E6000 glue, permanent marker.

Place the football on the top of the mega phone in the position you want it and trace the opening with the marker. Then insert the dowel for stability.

Line the opening of the mega phone with a bead of the glue and place the football on top, hold for at least 30 seconds. Let dry for 24 hours.

You can remove the dowel, if you used it, once the glue has dried.

We used this frame cube on a trivet for the bottom of our trophy, it was $6.99 from Hobby Lobby.

Pick out the color for your trophy, we used metallic silver. (Side note: I thought that sign was too funny not to include.) The paint was $4.79 from Menards.

We measured the width of the top of the photo cube, then used a Dremmel to cut the mega horn down until it matched the width, ended up being 3 inches from the base. Then glue it to the top and paint.

I made custom logos with our league name for the front and the other sides have the NFL logo.

Our league name and the NFL Fantasy Football logo.

As we play we will print the winners and replace the side pictures. In total the trophy cost us $14!

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