How to make an amazing hydrangea centerpiece

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Start with a container. This is going to be an upscale design for your dining room table or perhaps a party or event, so pick a nice container. Not a small one either. Fill with floral foam.

Hydrangea love water so make sure you add extra water in the container to the already wet foam. Place a single hydrangea as shown into the center of the foam

Place a second hydrangea next to the first. These will establish the height of this arrangement.

Next take hydrangea and place around the edge of the container, extending beyond the actual container itself.

A second and third hydrangea go around the container, placing next to the one out to the left side. We are placing them in a circle working clockwise….

Continue adding hydrangea in a circular manner around the container as shown… (Easy isn't it? …. At Rittners Floral School we make learning floral art quick and easy!)

Add the hydrangea around towards the front… almost completing the circle….

While we could add one more hydrangea into the front left, let'd deliberately leave a gap which we can start to fill in with some roses...

By adding the roses, we add contrast in color, shape and texture. They also provide another prestige flower to the arrangement….

Continue adding your roses filling in that slight opening from one side of the design to the other…..

But wait…. There's more…..

You can also place roses in-between the top two hydrangea and the round circle at the base. This arrangement is created to be viewed all around…Roses can be on one side or extended all way around.

For interest let's insert a few pieces of curly willow….. Here is one.

…And several more. I like the addition of curly willow for texture or interest. it gives a more funky effect to a classical style. It is, however, optional depending upon your tastes.

This design can be used for your dining room table. It works well as a wedding reception design, for a shower, or simply for use in a reception area or on a coffee table.

It is especially useful when you want a very upscale, expensive design that is quick and easy to make… yet very showy…...

What? Are you still reading this? You should be getting some flowers to make this. Or perhaps checking out Rittners Floral School, to take one of our diploma programs…

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