How to make sriracha-basil bacon grilled cheese

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Start cooking up your bacon

Begin heating your tomato soup on low

Take your bacon off once it is cooked to your desire

Prep your bread by buttering four slices (two slices per sandwich)

Sprinkle basil, onion powder, and garlic salt onto the buttered slices

Split your bacon

The difficult part is deciding on a heat for the grilled cheese. Too high could result in burning and too low could result in it taking a while to melt the cheese. Keep an eye on your bread!

Place buttered bread into your skillet and add cheese slice

Double that cheese slice up for gooey goodness

Second slice on top?

Once your cheese has melted add sriracha

Just a dollop

Mix the sriarcha into your melted cheese

Add bacon

Then top with the second piece and flip to cook other side.


Yummy! Enjoy!

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