How to create tooled foil animals

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Trace the edges of your chipboard on your sketch paper to make sure your drawing doesn't exceed that space

Create a simple contour line drawing of your subject

Place graphite transfer paper dark side down on your chipboard. Secure with tape if you want to make sure it doesn't move

Place contour line drawing on top of the graphite paper

Applying a little extra pressure, trace over your drawing

Your image will transfer to the chipboard.

Remove drawing and graphite paper

Trace over your drawing using tacky glue. Keep the glue raised. Do not flatten.

If you make a mistake, use a q-tip to "erase"

Place on drying rack. let dry overnight

Place foil over glue drawing. Fold edges over the board. Be careful the edges are sharp

using the tongue suppressor press firmly against the raised lines.

Use a tip or stylus to really make the lines and details pop, pressing firmly against any glue lines you encounter

Place foil on top of soft surface like a magazine. Using a stylus or dull pencil, begin to add decorative patterns throughout your animal. You can also incorporate texture rubbing plates.

Fill the entire space with interesting lines and patterns

Swipe a small amount of shoe polish on a balled up paper towel

Rub polish against the lines and into the grooves

With a clean paper towel, gently wipe away excess using a circular motion

Carefully cut out animal. Cut out in chunks rather than a continuous cut. Edges are sharp.



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