How to make sous vide turkey confit in a combi oven

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Add Kosher salt, parsley, broken bay leaves, thyme, and peppercorns to a food processor.

Wizz it up

You will get a nice green salt.

Pat your turkey legs dry to prepare them.

Rub the turkey legs well with the green salt.

Wrap the legs individually with plastic.

Poke holes in the plastic to allow moisture to drip out.

Arrange the turkey legs in a perf pan over another pan to collect the juices. Refrigerate overnight.

24 hours later quite a bit of moisture has been drawn out.

Rinse off the green salt with cold water.

Place into sous vide bags.

Add a big tablespoon of bacon fat to each bag.

Add a little olive oil to each bag.

Place the bags on a pan.

Place into combi oven at 145F (63C) overnight.

This shows I've been cooking at 145F (63C) for over 22 hours. The turkey is now 143F (62C).

After 22 hours of cooking.

Into the blast chiller.

Chilled and ready to pull meat off the bone.

Remove meat from bone. Be sure to pull out any tendons.

I've repacked the meat into sous vide bags to store. Enjoy!

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