How to make smoked tongue in the alto-shaam oven

Lay the tongue on a grid in a pan

Soak apple chips in water for 10 minutes

After loading the wood chips into the oven,place a pan above to capture the heat, then put the tongue into the Shaam smoker

Cold smoke for 30 minutes and leave in the oven for 90 minutes

Tongue will look like this after smoking

Place the tongue into a sous vide bag

Add orange and lime slices,thyme and bay leaves. seal under pressure

Use the sous vide probe to track HAACP data

Inset probe into tongue through foam tape

Steam in a combi oven at 185F (85C) for 5 minutes,then place into a 158F (70C). THIII Alto-Shaam cook & hold oven for 42 hours

Chill the tongue,then peel and trim

You can see how evenly cooked the meat is

Watch the video: Cook u0026 Hold Smoker Ovens: What Cant You Smoke? 2

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