How to peel an egg easy & fast

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A nice boiled egg.

The hassle with peeling an egg is mucking around with all the small egg shell bits.

I have a great solution!

Depending if it's a hard boiled egg, or a soft boiled egg will depend on how hard you roll it. You don't want the soft boiled egg to ooze it's yoke out. So be gentle!

As you can see the egg shell isn't in a million bits.

On the top of the egg peal back a layer of the shell.

Put the egg under some water to get the water under the egg shell.

Gently slide the 'tea spoon' under the shell of the egg.

The shell comes off very easy. And it's not in a million small pieces.

Very simple way to peel an egg. Usually takes about 10 - 15 seconds start to finish for me to peel an egg.

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