How to make cottage cheese breakfast buns

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Mix yeast and water

Like so, make sure there are no lumps of yeast left.

Add the cottage cheese.

Add butter (in this case a butter/oil mix).

Add salt.

Add molasses, this is a version specific for bread flavored with makt extract.

Add all of the wholegrain spelt..

Stir to remove any flour lumps.

Then add most of the (sifted) wheat flour.

Stir heavily. At this point I moved the dough to a machine, like a kitchen aid.

Leg the machine do its magic for about 10 min (or by hand for 20 min).

Like so. The dough shouldn't stick to the container walls. When it's not anymore the dough us ready. At this point I moved the dough to yet another container to ferment.

It should expand to the double or so.

At this point pre-heat the oven to 225 degrees C.

Cover the container with a (clean) towel or plastic wrap. Just make sure the bowl stays away from the (heat from the) oven.

After 30 minutes this is what the dough looks like.

Pour it onto a baking tray or a baking mat.

Cut the dough in 2 pieces to make it easier to work with.

Pour pumpkin seeds into a plate to dip the cut ends of the breakfast buns into.

Like so. All in all, I got about 24 buns.

As you can see mine came out in various sizes but that's ok

Let them ferment another 30 minutes under a towel.

Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

Let them cool on an oven rack.

Fresh out of the oven cottage cheese breakfast buns!

Enjoy with your favorite topping(s)!

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