How to make an amazing smoothie

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Wash the fruits you chose:D

Now start cutting! :)

After you finished cutting, put all the fruits in the blender.

Add the milk

Now this step Is optional, but you can add nuts, or hazel nuts or anything like that- just be creative!! >< Another thing, you can add some sugar or honey if you want it to be more sweet :)

Now blender it all!! Woo hoo! When you see it all mixed fine, add the ice cube and start the blender again

Now drink up! Yay Best part;)

Another important step- clean all the mess you've made! I don't know about you, but my mom would kill me if she sees the kitchen now. Oops!

And I just want to say, thank you for looking at my guide. And btw, every time you make a shake, put something you haven't put the last time. Creativity is the secret ;) have fun with it!!

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