How to make altered canvas * tcw stencils & cm metallic

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you may want to have a sink or pan of with water and a little mild dish soap on hand. Izink dries fast and CM Metallics are hard to remove from stencils once dry.

paint 8 X 10 canvas with Topaz Izink diluted with a little water and let dry. you can speed dry time of Izink using heat gun, but it dries fairly quickly.

paint mini canvases with Cactus, Safran and Amethyst Izink Inks and let dry.

tape CHEVRON stencil over 8 X 10 canvas and randomly fill in portions of the designs using Safran, Amethyst and Cactus inks mixed with a bit of Opaline Izink. slightly blend inks where they meet.

first stenciled layer of canvas; let dry before proceeding.

tape CIRCLE EXPLOSION stencil over 8 X 10 canvas and paint in portions of the design using Jasmine Izink mixed with a bit of Opaline. Jasmine is more opaque and Opaline is sheer with a shimmer.

second layer of stenciled design added to canvas. set aside to dry.

next, to tie in the metallic colors to be used on the mini canvases, use Gold and Silver Izink to add portions of MINI SCREEN PRINT stencil to 8 X 10 canvas.

third stenciled layer added; set aside to dry.

add "dream" to top right of canvas using MINI WORD ASSOCIATION stencil and Caviar Izink. add "imagine" mid right and "Create" bottom right with WORD ASSOCIATION stencil. DRY BETWEEN WORDS

words added to canvas.

add some background designs to mini canvases using Caviar Izink with the MINI BUTTERFLY COLLAGE stencil; let dry.

CM - Creative Medium - Metallic from Imagine Crafts adds great dimension and shine to your projects. they are super creamy and SO smooth which makes them very easy to use.

use palette knife or craft stick to apply Gold CM Metallic over butterfly portion of MINI BUTTERFLY COLLAGE stencil on orange mini canvas. be sure to use LOTS of medium, you can return excess to jar.

use edge of knife or stick to smooth medium over stencil. return excess medium to jar.

butterfly design added using Gold CM Metallic. set aside to dry or speed up dry time using heat gun. apply heat carefully, moving constantly and not overheating medium or it will bubble.

use Silver CM Metallic to add design from MINI HERBARIUM stencil to lime canvas and Copper CM Metallic to add design to purple canvas using MINI POSTCARD stencil. let dry.

i decided the space between "imagine" & "create" was too big, so i added some butterflies in between them with one more towards top left of canvas. first layer was done with Cavier mixed with Jasmine.

once dry, i mixed Jasmine and Opaline Izink and went over stenciled designs again.

to add a little "distress" to the project and make the dimensional metallic designs stand out a little more, i rubbed Blackbird Chalk Ink along edges of designs and canvases using my finger to apply.

next, arrange and adhere mini canvases to 8 X 10 canvas using 3-in-1 Glue.

mini canvases adhered.

closeup shot of dimensional images made using CM Metallics.

for more projects from the TCW Design Team, please visit their blog: * tami sanders * paper crafter:

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