How to make a makeup holder thingy

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Gather some thick markers or pens (u won't need all these, but these are just some examples of what u can use)

Wrap about six of them in seran/plastic wrap

Put some white glue in a bowl

Add some water


This will create your paste

Get a sheet of tissue paper

Cut it into small rectangles or squares

Get another color of tissue paper (optional--- u can use all the same color if u want to)

Cut it up into small squares or rectangles

Dip the strips of paper into the paste

Apply them to the plastic wrap coated markers

Put on many layers (make sure u use a TON) until you have covered about two thirds of the marker thoroughly

This is what it should look like

Do this to all of them

Let them dry (this will take a few hours most likely--- I let mine dry overnight )

Pull them off of the marker once they are completely dry

Pull the seran wrap out of the hollow tissue paper tube

This is what you will have

Do this to all of them

Trim the edges of the tubes to look more precise (this is optional)


Get your clear cup (doesn't necessarily have to be clear)

Get the hot glue gun ready

Put some hot glue in a line all along one side of the tubes

Stick it to the cup

Add another

And another

And another

And Another

Add the last one and you are done with this part!! (You could do more tubes but I stuck with 6) also, make sure you space them evenly around the cup

This is the part that will hold your eyeliner

Add some gravel

Or some marbles (one dollar at the dollar store)

Or both

Or rocks (also one dollar at the dollar store)

I ended up doing rocks and gravel

Your mascara can go in the cup. This is sorta what it should look like

There are so many different things you can do to personalize this however you like!! I encourage you to be creative!!

Ta da!!! Now you have a cute container to hold your make up that's super cheap to make!!!


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