How to make christmas caramel with mint crisp

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Melt the butter.

Add the brown sugar and the treacle. I used the kind of sugar called Muscovado.


Add the salt.

Stir some more.

The recipe actually said to boil until 124 degrees Celsius but mine never got higher than 107 degrees. Using a thermometer helps but it works without one too!

Add the cream. Boil heavily for about 15 minutes. To see if it is ready, put some of the caramel on a spoon and dip it in cold water. If it's moldable it is done! Pour into a container.

This is what the candies look like before they got smashed...

To smash the mint candies use any tool available. Put the candies in at least double plastic bags and start pounding!

The crushed candies!

Sprinkle the crushed mint candies on top of the caramel. Let it cool (that's usually the hard part) and then cut in preferred bite sizes.

Here is the mint crisp caramel cut in bite sizes, all that is left now is to enjoy it!

Watch the video: TRADITIONAL Quick and Easy PEPPERMINT CRISP Tart Recipe!


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