How to cut & freeze fresh corn off the cob🌽

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Pick some Fresh Corn.

Start with the Corn Cutter. Mine is wooden. There are also metal ones. They can easily be found in discount stores or on line for around $10.

Place the corn cutter over a large bowl so the corn will fall into it when it's cut off.

I use gloves for protection. The corn cutter will cut your hide if you are not careful.

The bottom side of my gloves have these grippers to not slip. Protective gloves are a MUST in my book!

Grab an ear of corn, dehusked and desilked.

See how the kernels are plump? This is the best time to freeze off the cob. If the corn is shriveling, it will not be good.

Now I'm sure every corn cutter may be different. But this is the kind I've used since I was a child. This is the correct position to cut the corn.

Lay the corn on the corn cutter.

With gloved hand and firm pressure, slide the corn up to cut.

Cut all the way around.

Look at this fresh corn. It don't get any better than this.

See the kernels? If you've not had fresh corn off the cob, you are missing out. You'd never go back to corn in a can.

Dig down. See that corn juice? That's the best stuff ever! So don't rinse these out.

Now to freeze. Be sure to get freezer bags. Worst thing is to do all this work and have your fresh corn to get freezer burn.

Bag out. I prefer the bags with the label area. These are generic brand bags and work perfectly well.

Now I always use the zip top kind but this kind of top makes it hard to fill.

So fold it down.

All the way around.

Open up the bag with your clean hands.

Like so. Ready to be filled.

Once you've got a bowl of fresh corn cut, it's time to fill the bags.

Be sure to stir it to get all that corn juice distributed evenly before scooping out.

Then fill your bag.

I fill 1/2 to 3/4 way.

Unfold the top.

Press top together to snap.

Be sure it is snapped all across the top to avoid leaking. If we freeze it like this it will be difficult to store several. I lay it on its side to freeze. A tight seal is crucial to side storage.

Now lay it down on its side. This is the easiest way to store many bags. Just stack on top of one another.

Flatten it out.

Like so. When you place in freezer, lay it like this so it will freeze this way. It will be easier to store. Once it is frozen, you can stand it up or however you like.

With a Sharpie or other permanent marker..

Write in the white area.

Like so. The date I prepared and what's in the bag. Which is handy, when deciding who's corn is best. Hands down, Uncle Earl's corn is the Best!!

Stack in freezer safe storage rack. I'm afraid this is not enough to last us the whole winter. Off to pick more corn! Enjoy!

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