How to make 'dunderi' ricotta gnocchi from italy 🇮🇹

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Put the water to boil

Grate the Parmesan.. Or ready bought?? Usually not the same taste

200g flour

Add the drained ricotta

Salt.. Nutmeg

Add salt, pepper, nutmeg, and Parmesan. Also...Add the egg yolks


Make a log and cut it into 4 parts. Roll them into '2 cm' thickness ropes. Cut and make indents with a fork.

With a vegetable peeler, make flakes of Parmesan. Or, maybe you have ready grated Parmesan.!

Butter on medium low heat

Butter melting slowly

Let the butter melt and take a brownish color. In France they call it 'beurre noisette' and it translates hazelnut butter. It has a wonderful taste

Put the gnocchi in boiling water.. Around 3 mins they are cooked when they come up to the surface

Drain and put in the brownish butter

Toss few times

Serve immediately. With the Parmesan flakes or grated Parmesan

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