How to make a small fruit salad #healthyeating

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I almost didn't post this as its so simple it hardly needs a guide, however until I ordered a fruit salad like this for breakfast is a cafe in Istanbul and I'd never considered cutting fruit so small!

Start by choosing your fruit. I try to focus eating fruits naturally lower in sugar such as berries, apples, pears and citrus. Try to get a range of textures and flavours.

Cut the fruit up to a really small dice. The smaller the better. I leave blueberries whole. The original salad had pomegranate seeds which gave a great crunchy zing. Add a squeeze of lemon juice

Mix the fruit salad and serve as part of a healthy breakfast. You could add a little honey/agave but I think fruit is sweet enough. Also, little mouths might find small fruit more appealing!

Find more recipes in my other guides or at and follow me on twitter @schoolbalance or The School of Balance on Facebook

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