How to make sugar free pumpkin latte (low carb)

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Gather your ingredients and brew your coffee. I use a French press, but you can use what you have!

Add spices, caramel, vanilla & stevia to your mug. Starbucks version is SUPER sweet, so you may use up to 3 packs of stevia. Remember though, even no cal sweet can give you sweet cravings later!

Add coffee and stir.

Froth heavy cream and water for about 20 seconds. I use a battery powered fritter I got on Amazon for $6 (the price of one latte!)

Spoon cream on top of coffee and sprinkle with cinnamon. I use a cinnamon grinder. Fresh ground flavor is superior as a topping.

Take in the beauty of your creation and start your day off right! Or use this coffee treat to squash a midday sweet tooth!

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