How to make a pirate-themed lunch for kids

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Trim the end of the bell pepper and cut it into 3 parts .Cut out 2 large rectangular pieces from a side.

Place a wholewheat bread on a plate and arrange the pepper as shown .

Using a piping tip or bottle cap cut out small circles from 2carrot slices ,keep the rings aside. Cut a small square from green capsicum .Slightly trim the edges of the radish green into thin strips.

Divide 1olive into vertical half for making eyes and nose .Slice and divide the second horizontally for making moustache. Cut a few tiny circles from cheese slice using a piece of drinking straw.

Arrange the cheese polkas , carrot ear rings and radish greens beard and eye patch strip on the bread face.

Make the eye with a small cucumber slice ,topped with olive , place the capsicum piece as eyepatch and carrot ear rings. Finally place the olive nose and moustache. Ahoy Matey the pirate is all done.

For the parrot - Take 4 kiwi slices , divide the slices as shown in the pic. Cut out a small triangular piece for beak from red pepper . Divide olive into horizontal half.

Arrange the 2whole slices of kiwi for parrots body , and halves and strips for the wings and feet respectively. Finally place the bell pepper beak and olive eye to complete the look.

Divide 2 cucumber slices in half for the cloud and boat. Cut a thin cheese strip for making the waves and a small red pepper triangle for mast.

Finally place the cucumber clouds , cucumber and pepper ship and cheese waves and let the Pirate fun begin.

Tips for packing Pirate lunchbox -after assembling the pirate ,saran/cling wrap and keep in a sandwich box (or assemble on a stiff foiled sheet & cling wrap in a regular lunch box )with sliced kiwis.

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