How to create a halloween mixed-media decor shoe

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Paint the old shoe in white

Take perfect Petaloo Flowers : 2 big and many small

Glue them to the shoe

Paint the flowers by white acrylic paint

Don`t use a lot of paint! Your brush need to be dry with a paint

Аdd texture paste

Work with trapharets and masks

Add some lace

Add a metall embellisments

...and a buttons

Stained with acrylic paint

Add more lace

You need to work with color spray mists! Choose your colors to use.

I choose brown, yellow, green and orange pallette

Blur out with water

Add an Adirondack Alcohol Ink

If you like colors, stopping fun with inks)) Stain all shoe with a white paint

You have your mixed-media shoe!!! But if you want to create absolutely perfect shoe, don`t stop....

And add a little bit of Gold Acrilyc paint

You`ll have a complicated colors!!!

Finally Add Perfect Pearls Mists? your shoe will be amazing!

Cut an insole from a paper

Сreate paper scrolls with the predictions

Put it into the shoe

Add a fussy cutting images and tags!

Have Fun Halloween with adorable Graphic 45 paper and Petaloo Flowers!

Watch the video: Altered Pumpkin Youtube hop- Halloween mixed media project

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