How to photo transfer a digital image

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Here's what you need: Mod-Podge, paint brush, cardboard, scrap paper for collage, a Black and White print out from laser jet printer, newspaper for easy clean up, and later, a sponge and some water.

I am working on cardboard for this project but you can work on wood, a painting, or other hard surfaces such as this chalk board.

Begin your collage by applying a thin layer of Mod-Podge to the cardboard surface with a paint brush.

Thin and even layer of Mod-Podge.

Tear or cut peices of scrap paper and apply to wet Mod-Podge.

Apply more Mod-Podge where you wish to add more paper.

Cover the entire surface, smoothe out Mod-Podge with brush, rince brush, and allow project to dry.

Use scissors to trim excess paper.

Embellish with paint if desired.

Flipping your image's orientation is only necessary when using text.

TRANSFER: Use the paint brush to apply a generous yet even amount of Mod-Podge to the collage.

It is important that the Mod-Podge is even. Don't worry that it is semi opaque, Mod-Podge dries clear.

While the Mod-Podge is wet, apply image face down to project. The Image must be printed on a LASER JET printer. Ink jet prints have a tendancy to smear. I used a copy machine.

Rub with fingers to ensure the paper is adheared well and there are NO air bubbles! RUB, RUB, RUB! Allow to dry thoroughly.

Once dry, use a damp sponge to dampen the paper.

Dampen the paper until it becomes transparent.

Carefully peel the paper back beginning with the corners and edges.

Use fingers and Thumbs to rub the paper back and forth causing it to peel away. (this is a different project, my collage did not disapear;)

Continue until the peels are microscopic and exist no more. You will want to dip your fingers in water as it dries out.

Here is how it looks on wood.

Continue rubbing with wet finger tips until all paper has peeled away and the image is clear.

Newspaper makes for easy clean up!

Ta Da!

Here is a portrait of my dod using an app called SnapDot.

An about me collage.

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