How to clean your dirty baseball cap (like a boss)

That hat looks dirty right? I mean probably not the dirtiest hat you've ever seen but this is a reference picture so later you can be like, "Daaang!" *the pics have not been edited I'm just that good.

1.Get some laundry detergent (you won't need much unless you like bubbles, a little goes a long way) 2. Get an old toothbrush you're done using in your mouth. Make sure there's no bleach. Bleach bad

Hot water... I mean HOT, like ouch! Son-of-a dang-it that's hot water. Ha my hand looks massive compared to my hat. lol-perspective is silly

Dip the brush in detergent and scrub the dirt. I always go with fabric so I don't tear or fray the fibers. It may not matter but I figure, "Better safe than, I-just-ruined-the-logo-on-my-hat, Sorry."

See looking better already, aye-? Try not to bend the bill too much it might break if you have a cheaper hat. You can reshape it later. Btw cleaning a hat and taking pics one handed, kinda difficult.

Put the hat in hot sun with direct sunlight. If you drip water on the way outside, your wife might gripe about the "mess" from your hot water/detergent. Just pretend you're busy and can't hear her.

Rotate in the sun until dry, it might shrink some but your fat head will restretch it. If you're cool, reshape the bill to keep the sun out of your eyes since it's a hat, or leave it flat like a dork.

Watch the video: DIY. How To Clean A Dirty Baseball Cap

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