How to Go to City From Singapore Changi Airport T1

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First, you have to locate yourself. Assuming you are arriving at Terminal 1, you will find this 旺 (Wang) food stall, which serves a variety of local dishes, near your belt exit. This is Basement 1

Now look around for information board like this where you can find a lot of useful direction information. Notice the sign "Train to City". Follow the direction

You can buy "The preferred tourist SIM card" from Starhub at this UOB money changer nearby. The cheapest one is 15$ with 3G coverage for 2 days

Other money changers sell prepaid SIM card too but for tourist, "The preferred tourist card" is the most economic and can only be found at UOB money changers

Also nearby stands the counter for Singapore Visitors Centre where you can find almost any information that a tourist needs for an enjoyable stay in Singapore

If you follow the signboard in the earlier step, you will pass by this fast food stall when you are on your way to take the escalator up to the first floor of the Arrival Hall

The escalator is just right beside the Quiznos stall. This will lead you to the SkyTrain to Terminal 3 where you can take the train to the city

Immediately after the escalator, you will see a row of telephone boxes where you can put in 10 cents and make a few minute call to local numbers

Behind the telephone boxes is the waiting area for the Sky Train. Sky Train are monorail trains connecting between terminals. You will now take a Sky Train to Terminal 3

Board the Sky Train to T3

This is the surrounding when you get off the Sky Train at Terminal 3. Don't be mislead by the signs "Sky Train to T1 or T2". They are meant for people waiting to board the train. We are already at T3

Just keep walking and you will pass by a small attraction with lots of flower

Continue walking and you will find the Times bookstore on your right while opposite on your left is ATM machines and the toilet

Next to the ATM machines on your left is another 旺 (Wang) food stall

Followed by The Coffee Bean, a famous coffee shop in Singapore

Finally you will see the sign board for Singapore train, which looks like this. The train system in Singapore is often referred to as Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and can be identified by the yellow icon

Follow the MRT direction to go down to the platform

Look for the General Ticketing Machine, which is located at a hidden corner of the platform. Here you can buy a standard ticket for your journey

Tap your ticket card at the gantry. The gate will open to allow you to enter the platform. Wait for the train to come and board the train towards Joo Koon, alighting at Tanah Merah Interchange

When you reach Tanah Merah interchange, alight on the left where there is a direction sign to city or Joo Koon


After changing to another train at Tanah Merah, travel on the green line towards Joo Koon and alight at City Hall, the heart of the city with the famous Merlion park. If unsure, check the network map

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