How to Make Fava Bean Purée

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Fava beans fix nitrogen in the soil.

Pick larger pods near the base of the plant. The beans in smaller pods are hardly worth the effort of shelling.

I picked 4 pounds of beans.

I started shelling the beans. There's four or more beans per pod. The pods don't open easily along a seam so it is a bit tedious.

Shelling these beans took three innings of a baseball game. This bowlful came to 1 1/2 pounds.

Fava beans are cooked quickly in boiling water to make the outside jacket easier to remove. Boil for a minute or less.

After a minute, the beans are done. Drain the hot water and rinse in cool water.

Some people may skip this step and purée the beans without removing the jackets but most will find the covering adds an astringent after taste. Peel the beans as soon as they are cool and while wet.

Pinch the tip of the bean. Tear it with your fingernail or twist the skin open then squeeze out the bright green beans into the bowl.

This is most tedious or meditative part, repeating the same task several hundred times. Good thing the ball game has gone into extra innings.

Yield was 1 1/2 cups of beans Add garlic, salt, olive oil, and lemon juice with the beans in a food processor.

Blend for 30 seconds.

Made about 11 ounces of purée. You can add more oil later to change the consistency. Thin it for use in a salad dressing.

Here it is as a spread on bread.

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