How to Create Animal Nails

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For the first design, paint your nails black and leave them to dry.

Then, with a white nail polish brush down the centre starting near the top of the nail.

With a white nail art pen or white nail varnish and a pen, draw two dots in the black space above the eye.

Then draw two smaller black dots on top of them.

And using an orange nail art pen or orange nail varnish and a pen draw a small downward triangle just below the eyes. Finished!

For the second design, paint your nails turquoise and let them dry.

On the tip of the nail, paint a slanted line with a black nail polish.

At the bottom right of the nail, paint a small arch and paint four thin lines coming of it that join the black at the top.

With a white nail art pen add a few small white dots on the black at the top. Done!

For the third design, paint the nails red and leave to dry.

Paint the top half of nail white, with the bottom slightly curved.

In between the red and white, draw a black line.

Above the white, add two white dots for eyes.

Line the eyes with black and add smaller black dots inside them. Then draw a 'V' shape above the eyes and add an upside triangle below the eyes in orange for the beak. Done!!!

For the fourth design paint the nails turquoise.

With an orange nail art pen, draw an oval with two flicks coming off at one end on the bottom of the nail, then add a small black dot or an eye. For bubbles, draw three circles in silver. Done!!

For the last design paint your nails white.

Then add random dots of silver all over. Line the dots with a black nail pen, but only lining the sides of the dots. It takes a long time, but be patient :) finished!

Hope you like the designs :) More makeup and nail guides coming soon :D

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