How to Make Cozido à Portuguesa

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Shred the cabbage

Peel and slice the potatoes, carrots and turnips.

Boil the meat and pork in a double boiler pot of water. Add a couple of Oxo beef cubes. Then simmer until tender. Keep the stock.

Remove some of the meat from the pot to make room for the vegetables to steam and cook in the stock.

Prepare the sausages to place in the pot.

Add the sausages and potatoes to the pot with the remaining beef and pork.

Continue to simmer the meat and potatoes in the pot.

Then add the cabbage to the pot.

Tap the cabbage down.

Place a steamer full of meat and potatoes over the pot and cover for a few minutes.

Then uncover the steamer and set aside.

Add the vegetables to the beef, pork, sausages and potatoes.

Cozido served with rice and peas.

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