How to Make Sexy Zebra Nails

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Get set up. I set out a bowl of remover, my polishes, and brushes :)

Paint your nails a beautiful bright red :)

Now add black tips, and black at the bottom. You can choose to do them in this order, or your own :) Now wait for the polish to completely dry

Get a piece of the striping tape

Bette view :)

Lay it in the edge of the black tip. I lay it middle first in case I need to rotate it to Straighten it out. Smooth out middle out in both sides :)

Use a toothpick, or cuticle pusher :)

This is how it should look, cut off any pieces hanging from the sides.

Finished :)

Add stripes on the red area of the nail. Leave one nail alone though.. Preferably the ring finger.

Add a large rhinestone

Take your small steel beads and surround the stone.

Add four medium sized rhinestones on each side

Add a topcoat to seal in your design ad to add a beautiful shine!

Watch the video: How To - Zebra animal print nail art. Kandee Johnson


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