How to Play Piano- I Am the Doctor #2

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You must watch my first, How To Play Piano- I Am The Doctor, to be able to take part in this one

This is the main cord sequence

Because I can't hold the iPod and play with both hands at the same time I apologise if you would prefer a better view

This is how it should sound, if you are struggling to play this keep watching if not skip the next stage

This is an easier version, once you master this listen to the previous step and try to put the cords in at the correct time or you could just use the simple version I have just shown you

The cords for the main bit should sound like this

So with the same cords as the other section but in a different order (the same as the main bit)

The main bit should sound like this at the correct tempo

So overall it should sound like this

The next video will take longer to make I have school

Watch the video: I am the Doctor Medley UPDATED VIDEO LINK IN BIO!

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