How to Make Mellow Pops

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Gather supplies. While you got your chocolate chips melting in a double boiler start placing sticks in the mellows.

In my magic bullet I ground up the coconut and almonds.

While your chocolates melting I like to add a bit of milk just to help it go a little more runny also it didn't make the chocolate go really hard. I used Reeses chips.

In a swirling motion with your mellow in your chocolate, coat half the mellow in chocolate.

Then next coat the bottoms in the dry mix evenly coating it and a little on the sides. I put parchment paper under so when the dry mix starts to disburse around the dish it's easy to collect it again.

After placeing them in the fridge for an hour just to harden up everything. Now theres your cute little mellow pop! Experiment with any other elements of the pop mixing up the combos.

Package them up for your Mommy like I did! In Wilton cupcake boxes they perfectly fit 16 mellow pops in them.

Send them on there way to here new home! Hope you enjoy!

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