How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

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Get your supplies ready!

Start off by drawing one simple line with your liquid liner, just a little farther from the middle of your lash line outwards til it meets your crease

Now make a line going down to meet the end of your lash line

Draw another line along your lash line. Start thin from your inner tear ducts and keep it thicker all the way outwards.

Fill in your sections and Fix any little mistakes. you want the outside line to be aligned with your lower lash line

Fill it all in again

Now with your pencil liner connect your wing to your bottom "lash line" and line 1/2 WAY! (DO NOT LINE YOUR WATERLINE!) Better if you keep it thick on the outside and thin as it goes inwards.

Now get your white eyeliner and line your WATERLINE :) this is what makes your eyes appear bigger. (it blends with your eyes' white)

See what difference it makes ? Lining your waterline with a white eyeliner makes eyes stand out and appear bigger

Get some brown eyeshadow to soften up the look...

Apply eyeshadow only on half of your eyelid blending it in in the middle, having it darker on the outside

Now get a bronzer or a somewhat dark blush

And apply on your cheeks below your cheek bones going up to your temples. This will make your face appear thinner. Try to stay away from applying near your nose and near your eyes.

And done! Your face will have more of structure after applying.

Put on some cute lipstick to match your outfit AND your face. :) hope this tutorial helps!

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