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Start with a good photo. Mess with your camera settings and take as many shots as you can.

Start with the basic changes. I slightly increased the clarity here ^

ExposureI chose to keep it about the same, as with Contrast. But each photo will be different

SaturationBrighten the colors, I used this to brighten the color in the eye

Color temperaturethis is my favorite, it really changed the whole feel of the picture

Darken high lights and lighten shadowsI used this to blend the colors a bit more, it sort of acts as a neutralizer

DenoiseMore blending. Just try to keep all the edits low, overediting can ruin a picture.

The colorsUse these to increase or decrease red greens and blue amounts.

Use curves to brighten or darken a full photo

You can also use the presets or change it to B&W. Sometimes this improves photos, but I chose not to on this.


Before and After

Use different cameras and techniques. This was taken with my laptop webcam

This one was taken with my camera

This one was taken with my iPod 4g

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